Email is excessively delayed

Messages are taking an unreasonable amount of time to be delivered. Upwards of 7 hours. Is this being looked at, and what is the root cause? This is a recurring problem that happens too often.

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  1. I do not use SB for communications
  2. this is reported to developers

I see you are on the Advisory Council. Are you saying that users should not use Scoutbook for Communications?

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@MichaelPatch I am only saying I do not

We have always used Scout book for Communications… Why wouldn’t a person use it for this? We have once in a while had issues with emails not sending out right away, but for the most part they are sent within a minute. I have seen that if you are on Mobile, the notification saying the message was sent doesn’t always pop up even though the emails have been sent.

Both of my units use Scoutbook for communication purposes.

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Different units have different communication preferences.

I’ve read here about some units that use Slack or Discord for communicating; or already had a Google Group up and running for their unit before deciding to move over to Scoutbook.

IMHO, the SB email tool is functional, but not exactly a pleasure to use…

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