Emails not going out

I just sent an email to most of the pack parents and leaders, it never came through. I didn’t get it nor did two leaders I contacted. Then I sent a Test email just to myself, again it didn’t come through. Not in spam, just never made it. Is scoutbook having an issue with Email going out? I’ve never had issues with emails being delayed in the past. Thanks.


Thank you. Me and my CC sent a notice out to the pack last night, and I’ve sent two test messages just to myself, none arrived. Not in spam/trash and a few of our DL’s I talked to also didn’t get them. Should I watch this message for a reply or just keep trying to send messages from time to time? I’d hate to send another one and families get three messages if they’re just hung in a queue somewhere. Thanks for your help.

I just sent a test and it went right out - the easy test is just to send a message to your self

Donavan, Thanks for the reply. I tried sending a test message to myself last night and two this morning, none came through, one I sent just moments ago. Also, we sent two messages went out to the pack last night, and the DL’s I checked with didn’t get them. I’m not sure what to try next if it’s working for everyone else.

@SamAlexander what email service are you using?

I use iCloud through Apple for my email.

@SamAlexander I sent a test email from a BSA Email Server as a test to you

@DonovanMcNeil - i just did a test as well and received it on my work email of but not as yet on my home email.

@SamAlexander did you ever get that email from me?

I’m seeing the same issue…I have scoutbook trying to send emails to, and None have come through so far.

Correction…it appears the email came through. Hotmail and Comcast…have not.

The Scoutbook Server has been Blacklisted twice from Friday to today by most lists it appears - IT is looking into it


Some of our users are not receiving Scoutbook email. I am an Office 365 Exchange administrator and can verify emails are not hitting our server. Sending tests at 1/30/23 10am PST. Thank you for any assistance.

Hi, is there an update on the email issue?

Same problem our Pack is having, some families receiving emails & others are not. Please update when this problem is resolved. TIA

@MorganGeiss - this is FOR ALL users:

No updates other than they are working on it

Is there a way to mark that something is a known issue and no need to add yet another post that it is not working… or at the very least stop the continual posting of the same issue over and over and over and over again ?

I think I’ve previously suggested a known issues list, but I believe BSA rejected the idea. Might be worth revisiting, though…