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Email Server Down?

Is anyone able to send any messages through Scoutbook right now? I’ve sent (tried sending) several today, but none have made it through.

I am having the same issues. No emails, no calendar updates.

Same here. Attempted to send a very time sensitive email to our Troop on 4/24/19 around 8:45 PM and did not receive by 8:50 PM. Then attempted to send another email to myself only and no luck. When will Scoutbook finally correct all the intermittent email problems that have been occurring since the BSA took ownership of Scoutbook?

I’m getting a 500.asp error if try to send an event update reminder now

I just spent 45 minutes crafting a message with details for my pack which needs to go out tonight. I sent it and a few minutes later realized I didn’t receive it in my email. So now not only is the original message gone because there is no record of what is sent, but I’ll also need to take the time to copy the email addresses from each parent’s profile onto a new email message in gmail. Can we please make the messaging function more consistent???

We have reported this to the development team. There is currently no estimated resolution time.

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I’ve had the same issue. I’ve tried to email parents of Scouts in our Pack three times today. Tried with attachments. Tried without attachments. People are wanting updates on a camp out this weekend. It will take me half an hour to gather all the email addresses I need from Scoutbook to send an email manually because everything requires so many clicks.


Use Print Roster on your unit roster page. Select Show e-mail to get a list of all adult e-mail addresses.

Does this also impact emailing event updates?

I understand that, and thanks for the help. But I’m not sending it to everyone, and I have a pack with almost 200 parents and adult volunteers to sift through for the 40 email addresses I need. I’ll get it done, but it won’t be quick (partially out of fear of missing someone). But the BSA really is doing adult volunteers no favors with the way they run this thing. It’s a disorganized mess, and the only time I feel supported in any meaningful way is when the Council is ready for us to sell $50,000 of popcorn each year. I know adult leaders quit because of the headaches caused by this kind of problem.

I agree and am having a similar issues with an email we are trying to get out for a campout. This is very frustrating and certainly doesn’t do anything to encourage parents who we already have a hard time getting to use the site. Does anyone know if the messages are just delayed/suspended (they will go out eventually) or are they just gone and we have to start over, either on scoutbook or another email tool?

We won’t know until the BSA developers or BSA operations get back to us.

What has occurred in previous email issues is that messages in the outbound que will be sent. That is on the assumption that the problem is an outbound process. But as Ed noted it will require a response from operations.

Concur. No message sent from App or Desktop versions. More than 1 hour of elapsed time from original dispatch and still no message sent.

The email process is still down as a test I did this morning has not been received.

Tried to send an email last night and again this morning out to my entire Pack…nothing! And the email is lost and I will have to re-draft it.

The Scoutbook e-mail system is still down. We have no estimated time for service to be restored. An announcement will be made when it is working again.

How about putting an announcement on the site to show that messages are down? Right now more and more scouters are trying to send messages and they are not working! This will add to the amount of frustration for using scoutbook.



Only developers have the ability to add banner announcements. I will request one be added.

I can’t believe that this even has to be requested. When a major feature breaks, it should be plastered all over the screen to prevent people from trying to use it.

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