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Email: Delivery success rate

So over the last month, we appear to have a significant issue with emails being delivered…sent from Scoutbook.

We have parents that have told us, they have not gotten some critical emails that we have sent out… which has led to a lot of problems (deadlines for two campouts and summer camp).

We are at a point, where we regularly now have to use 4 different communication methods, to spread information: Scoutbook, Facebook, Remind, and Announcements at meetings.

We ran a test this past 7 days… We sent a test email to the entire troop (which is 60 youth, and 20 leaders, so it would have been about 150-175 emails sent out by Scoutbook). Simply asking all recipients to reply, that they got it. As of last night, we had less then a 40% return rate, and have confirmed that at least 5 families, that did not receive it (and yes, they checked junk/spam folders).

Is there a known system issue, with large units and email/text delivery?
As I always include myself, and use it as a check to make sure at least I get the email.

SB sends in 2 different way - both with issues

  1. Event Reminders - This has MIME issues and gets SPAM Score hit for sending a .org email address from a .com server

  2. Direct Messages - This get SPAM Score for forging the Reply to email + the above issues

But BSA IT is actively tinkering with this to make it better

Thank you, I do hope it is more then tinkering going on…
As email/text communication is 90% of the reason we use Scoutbook.

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We’re facing the same problem. I was one of the people in our Troop supporting switching from TroopMaster to Scoutbook. Since Scoutbook was bought and incorporated into national, the reliability has become far too sketchy for use as a primary communications system. We’ll be discussing this in upcoming committee meetings, and ditching the Scoutbook email function for another provider. It’s a shame, it used to be reliable.

Hearing the word ‘tinkering’ to describe fixes for a vital function does not help to increase my faith in an eventual fix.

I don’t think BSA IT would use the word tinkering. Keep in mind that @DonovanMcNeil, like me, is just a volunteer.

@jacobfetzer that is fair, regarding the word Tinkering… but I would hope that we can get an OFFICIAL reply from BSA IT to let us know what is going on with a critical function of Scoutbook.

As for ourselves, we just sent another round of emails… which we have zero confidence in being delivered.

When the issue is fixed, we will post a notice in the Scoutbook Change Log with as much detail as we are permitted to share.

Thanks for pointing out you’re volunteers, I didn’t realize that.