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Email / Message History - HELP

Someone sent an email from Scoutbook using the default BCC option. I need to know who it went to. Can an admin see all of the messages that have gone out on scoutbook?

There is no message history

There are also major flaws (limitations) in Scoutbook is the emailing capabilities.

  1. There does not seem to be a record of what I have sent. I cannot review previously sent messages. I am sure a record is saved b/c of YPT, it is just not available to the user. This is not ideal. As SM I often refer to previous emails. Competitor software keeps/maintains a log of all emails sent by the user.

  2. The email reveals your personal email address which opens possibility of scouts contacting you directly and violating YPT. Using a competitors software, a scout or parent simply needs to email you at: FirstNameLastname.troop identifier@competitor.email. This is extremely convenient for parents or scouts to email leaders.

  3. Although I understand the goal is to maintain YPT, but not having the ability to add a scale email address is quite frustrating. Parents will provide such information on an information sheet we provide however getting them to login to scout book create an account, connect your child to the account, is quite frustrating and daunting for the scout leaders. In the end this results in scouts not getting information in a timely fashion without creating email lists through a third-party service— Completely avoiding the YPT security issues scoutbook has in place. Since scoutbook already will send an email to the parent if a youth is emailed, what’s the point in preventing the leaders from having the ability to input that email address?

I have been a big fan of scout book for several years, even before it went prime time. However it does have room for improvement.

It is a confirmation that the parent’s email address is valid.

The BSA’s YP experts have reviewed the messaging system and say it is compliant. Personally, I’d like to something along the lines of your #1 and 2. We have requested a system like that, but we do not know when or if the BSA will make those changes.

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Just a quick reminder that youths cannot violate YPT. It’s the leader’s responsibility to assure that they comply with YPT.

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