Scoutbook email access

can we limit access to the Scoutbook Email? We would like to limit access to patrol leaders, asst patrol leaders and SPL’s. Currently it looks like all Scouts can send emails.

There is not currently a way to limit which scouts can send messages using Scoutbook. I agree that having a way to configure this on a unit-level would be valuable.

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Thanks - Do you happen to know if emails sent from one Scout to another (no adult on the thread) is saved or sent to a SM or ASM? Would you also know if scout to scout emails include parents - I thought I read only adult to scout emails is sent to parents.

I just sent one from my test scout account to my son, and my wife and I got cc’d.

No separate record is created, however, so only the recipient’s parents would get a cc.

Great and thank you - we are beginning to use Scoutbook and are trying to cover all bases.

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Every e-mail sent via Scoutbook to a youth has parents automatically copied. Scoutbook does not keep copies of any messages except those sent by Council admins to units.

Since parents are copied on Scoutbook e-mail, I would be more worried about communication using other platforms such as standard e-mail, text, Group Me, Snapchat, etc.

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