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Parent of Scout with ended membership still receiving emails

I have a parent of a Scout who is no longer a member of our Pack who is still receiving the email messages we send through Scoutbook. Neither the Scout or parent is on the list when I’m on the message screen. She has requested we no longer send her emails but I can’t figure out how to remove her. I can’t even access the Scout’s account anymore as we ended the membership.

Could it be that it is reminders from calendar events?

We have no calendar events. These are separate messages that I send out.

Are you sure the messages are coming from Scoutbook and not a “reply all” email string situation?

Yes, because she replied to the email I sent from Scoutbook and it listed this in the original email " Ashley Taylor via <>"

Ashley - I would gather that the email was sent with bcc enabled. I wonder if that parent email would show if that was unchecked. Now as far as the scout/parents they should not be seen except if they are invited to future events that were not edited.

So I sent a message with the bcc unchecked and sure enough, the email was not sent to them. What is it about checking the bcc box that adds additional emails?

Ashley - the only thing that checking bcc should do is hide the recipients from the email header. So if she was not listed on the email then not sure how this person would have even received the other emails.