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Son not receiving messages via scout book

Both of my sons are not receiving messages when troop wide messages are sent. They do get emails when events are posted, but not when a message is sent via scout book. I am also the assistant scoutmaster and have full admin control of the account - I have gone through to make sure their emails are there and are correct and they have not opted out. I am associated both as parent and scoutmaster/admin to their accounts.

I also noticed that I am unable to change their email addresses to see if it an email domain issue. Any suggestions or help with this?

You could send them a message through Scoutbook with BBC off. I believe Scoutbook automatically send a copy to the sender. (If not, include yourself.) Then you would see the addresses Scoutbook thinks are theirs.

Once the scout logs into Scoutbook, the ability of the parent to assign/edit the scout’s email goes away. It is all on the scout then.

So I did what you suggested. Sent message to them and myself without BCC. Their email is correct that shows up on in the message I got, but they both didn’t get it. My wife also got the test message as she is connected as a parent. It did not go to their spam folder either. All four of us are using gmail. Strange. What else can I try?

I believe the issue is one of ownership. Have you given permission for your sons to own their accounts? Remember YPT dictates no one-on-one communication with youth. The parent should be receiving the email. I suggest reviewing the “Setting up an account your son can use” https://help.scoutbook.com/knowledge-base/scoutbook-tutorial-for-parents/#setting-up-an-account-your-scout-can-use

Yes. Already done that. I don’t see invite option under their profile anymore. They both accepted the invite. Strange thing is that when i create a new event, they get that email, but not if message is sent. Any other suggestions?

If you are seeing their addresses in the email you received, it doesn’t seem with a scoutbook issue. You could try a “reply all” on that email and see if they get your reply. (My thinking is that there is a slight chance that there is actually an issue with the email addresses that isn’t detectable by looking at them.)

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