Email reply address per unit

Is it possible to have the reply to address be different per unit? I work with three units and would prefer replies to come into each unit’s unique email address.

I searched and did not find anything about this topic.


Scoutbook does not support a reply to address.

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Technically, it does but it appears it uses Scoutbook but it’s SB user’s account email. I assume you mean SB doesn’t support per-unit reply email. Do I have that correct?

@DavidCreamer - so lets take my units for example… they each have gmail accounts… cool… but there is no way to list them anywhere. Scoutbook requires hoomans

@Stephen_Hornak Exactly. I would like the replies not to come back to me, but to the units’ email.

@DavidCreamer - i guess you did not understand what @edavignon and I have pointed out… this does not nor will it exist

I understand it completely–I’m saying it should be an option.
Why are you saying it will [never] exist? Is Scoutbook closed to new feature ideas?

I’m not saying it is, but it could be a YPT concern in some way. You have to consider the possibilities that people could take advantage of something like that.

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National wants all emails going out to be tied to a ypt certificate. Get what you are saying. On emails I send out I always start title with Unit # - but users can change title in reply so does not always work.

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I don’t think I’m making my feature request clear–I apologize.

I have set the permissions so parents cannot view profiles except for their own child; this should prevent parents from sending out messages/emails. Also, we always BCC emails of non-Scouters.

Right now, when a Scouter emails the Troop, the reply-to address is back to the Scouter that sent the email. Theoretically, this could cause more YPT concerns than if the reply to address was to the unit email (which is normally viewed by multiple persons). However, I understand about the YPT certificate–perhaps the Scouter AND the unit email could be included?

@DavidCreamer - the real issue is how would you propose to add the unit email address. The roster in scoutbook reflects the roster in and neither one has non-registered people listed. At one point in time when scoutbook was a third party system that could be added but not anymore. That is why i stated that it is highly unlikely that your request will go far. You may be better served by troopmaster or some other providers that are not linked to the BSA database

It could added to the Edit Troop section. Programming it for message replies is another issue, but certainly not impossible.

This has been previously requested and rejected by the BSA.

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I’ll take that as a sign the idea has merit! ;->

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