Leadership email addresses/accounts

I did a search, but didn’t come across anything that addressed this.

I am the Pack’s Committee Chair. As the CC, I have a unit email address. Is there a way for me to send messages within Scoutbook using this address? I don’t want to change my profile address because I am also a parent, and I want emails for my Scout to come to me, not to the Pack’s email. Our Cubmaster also has a dedicated email address. I just feel that it would be good to be able to maintain the separation between our leadership roles and roles as parents. It would also have all of the replies going to an account that could be handed over to the next person assuming the role.


Scoutbook only supports one e-mail address per account and does not allow generic unit accounts. Your only choices here are to change the e-mail in your Scoutbook account or send them with your personal e-mail appearing in the message.

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