One email for Scoutbook communications

Is there a way to link the pack email address for scoutbook communications to the families. Currently whichever leader sends the email to the pack gets the responses, and the email comes from them, so parents sometimes overlook the emails.

We would like to have an admin account for lack of a better term, that can send emails to the entire pack, which references the pack email address. This way if a question is asked, any leader who has access to the email account can respond, and everyone remains in the loop on communications.

We don’t want to just have individuals change their individual account to reference the pack email, because then they will not personally get emails, and there are times when den communications etc are necessary.

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We had that until they did the recent update to registered leaders (removing non-registered individual accounts in Scoutbook). Hoping for a solution, since we had to revert back to individual leader emails as you stated.

When BSA IT told the SUAC of the plan to remove any non-registered leaders from rosters, we explained that many units use a “unit” account to send messages. BSA IT was clear that they did not want any such accounts. There is no plan to change the way messages are sent. If you want messages to come from a unit e-mail address, we recommend sending the messages outside of Scoutbook.


Now if IT can only come up with a solution to the parent problem of
Parent: “Hey I didn’t know this was going on”.
Unit Leader: “Did you read the email I sent out last week?”
Parent: “I saw it, but didn’t get around to reading it.”



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