Emailing to Scoutbook Users

I recently received an email through Scoutbook. Apparently, the District Advancement Chair was able to send a blast email to All Users in the Scoutbook system in our district. Which users have access to this email capability? As a District Commissioner, do I have the ability to send emails to registered Scoutbook users in my District or Council? YIS - George

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Only those designated as a Council Admin have the ability to send messages to all, or a subset of Scoutbook users. The Scout Exec is the initial Council Admin and can designate others as Council Admin.

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Would Scoutbook be the best way for a district to send messages to units, Scouters, etc. for roundtable, newsletters, events, and other items? Would this be the best way to make sure that people received position based messages?

Hi there: Not every Unit actually uses Scoutbook, so you would miss those registered adult leaders.
That said, our Council has Mailchimp and as District Commissioner we use that to send out this type of information. Our Council Social Media/Marketing guy does update email lists once a week to include all registered adults. So, for us, that is the best solution.

Even if a unit doesn’t use Scoutbook, their adults likely have an email in the system and if connected, even if they have never logged in, they’d still get the email.

Now Scoutbook isn’t setup to do what was being requested here, but I just wanted to point this out. I’m a COR for 3 units, one doesn’t use a Scoutbook. I can still message the the that doesn’t since I’m on their roster. For what it’s worth.

Thank you! I was thinking messages would still be delivered to people who aren’t using it since Scoutbook should have the same info as the other * sites.
It seems like a lot of extra work for someone to manually update numerous lists on a weekly basis for each district and committee, especially if all of the information is already available in a system that’s able to send messages. As a Council Admin, can someone sort recipients by position (i.e. all unit key 3, all Cubmasters, all commissioners, district committee, etc.)?

First, Scoutbook is geared towards units, so more or less what you are asking isn’t currently possible. Some councils use a messaging feature internal to Scoutbook. It seems to be rarely used. You’ll have to research this more since it rarely comes up in the forums.

What you are asking, though, at least for the key 3 can be found in my.scouting for district level volunteers. You have to export to csv and then bring back to an email program.