Single Scout Enabled for Email from Scout Book

I submitted a ticket. ETA 48-hours. Searched here to no avail. Hence, asking.

When I go to ScoutBook and use the “Send Message” (email) function, a single Scout appears. Just one Scout.

I wouldn’t expect any Scouts to appear actually - to be quite honest.

I don’t understand though why he does and no others do. I can’t edit/find an email on his profile to change in ScoutBook.

I happen to know definitively (well cause he’s my kid) that another Scout has an email address on file with council because he gets his OA emails and council messages. But my son doesn’t appear only this one random scout.

Any insight how we control this setting for Scouts?

Thanks in advance.

his parents granted him access to Scoutbook by giving him an account under Edit Profile - only parents can do this

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Neither the OA database nor the council database will populate scout email addresses in Scoutbook (at least they’re not supposed to). As @DonovanMcNeil pointed out, it’s only supposed to happen through action by the parents.

OA messages likely come out via LodgeMaster, which has its own separate email listings. My council and district appear to maintain separate lists of scouts/scouters who are supposed to be getting emails.

It drives me bonkers trying to figure out which one of my scouts gets email to which address/parent’s address depending on which platform is sending the emails. I’m not sure how our council/districts manage who gets what messages, because there are folks I know are (for example) unit commissioners who don’t seem to get district emails but get council’s periodic e-blasts, and others (also UCs) who get the district emails but not the council ones. :man_shrugging:

@JosephKubon - i do have to ask if having scouts on scoutbook itself a major problem or concern for you ? But as others have noted it is the parents that invite the scout. There is no way to prevent or eliminate that.

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