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Scoutbook email not working

I have used Scoutbook for 2 years now as the Advancement Chair. Starting 10 days ago, I was unable to send emails to anyone through Scoutbook, including myself. It just cycles.
Recently, I had some issues with logging in and had to re-enter my personal information after it was “fixed”.
Today, I noticed that I am listed twice in the Pack Roster. When I go into My Account, everything is correct.
By the way, I am the new Charter Org Rep for our Family Pack and Boy Troop. The Troop’s Roster only has me listed once.
Curious, is this the problem? If so, how do I fix it.
Our Council has already submitted two tickets to National and they are not responding to her.


I sent you a private message. Click the avatar in the upper right of your screen.

Ed, I have the same issue - inability to send emails via Scoutbook. I need to send emails to the Key 3 of all the Troops.
Marian Mcquaid, Registrar - The Spirit of Adventure Council.

@MarianMcQuaid1 Are you using the council messaging feature or the individual unit messaging?

Council messaging feature…sending to 100+ units. If the individual Unit works, I will suck it up and do it that way.


The developers are looking into the issue.

AARRGGH. do we know if individual unit messaging is working?

@MarianMcQuaid1 I was just able to send a message to myself, so individual unit messaging appears to be working.


The developers found the issue and plan to fix it as part of tonight’s update.


The issue with Council Admin messaging should be fixed.

THANK GOD!!! Thanks Ed and Jennifer!

Side question: Our council doesn’t use this feature. What messages do you send here vs. other means (email, newsletter, etc)? I’m just wondering what we are missing out on. I can see it being useful for items such as the merit badge counselor procedural changes that happened, etc. I just wondering how you are using it.

Well some councils like it because you can see how many open it - even down to the user if I recall

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But what are the messages they are sending? General announcements? Scoutbook specific?

Would be curious to know this as well. It’s been probably 2 years since I received any messages from Council via the Scoutbook messaging system, yet I get emails from them several times per week via “normal” email.

I think it begs the question about whether this module should be deprecated or not. If the usage is really limited, should we be spending development resources on it, or on something with a higher impact?

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I no longer have the email option available via my dashboard. Not sure when this happened but I am currently not receiving email from my troop. Any ideas?

@AndrewHartnett I have sent you a private message for more information.

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