Emails in report?

This could be a new feature, or enhancing an existing feature.
In the reports builder, I can run a report with phone numbers, but not emails. I’d like a way to see everyone’s emails.

Alternatively - adding a link or insert file to the calendar invite emails would be nice as well.

I think it is a “roster” vs report.

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I am not seeing it there - only names, phone, address, & ypt expiration.

@KylaGatlin - if you go to the unit roster page, then click print roster this will be listed

Screenshot 2022-10-25 084222

It doesn’t look like I have that option. On the scoutbook side, I am unit admin. On the internet advancement side, I am only den leader & parent.

@KylaGatlin - this would be from the scoutbook side.

Got it! Thank you so much!

Make sure you are going to roster builder, not report builder.


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