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Scout email addresses not showing up on Roster Builder report

Days ago this worked fine, but today, when we go into Roster Builder and check the boxes for Show Scouts and Show Email Addresses, the Email Addresses column never shows up. We can get parents emails to show up, but not scouts. We can show any other column, but not scout email addresses. Any idea why this doesn’t work now? Happens for both admins and non-admins. Thank you in advance.

@SeanMontgomery1 - the scout emails were never shown on the reports due to youth protection requirements.

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Hmm, I’m fairly certain I have pulled a report before that showed scout emails. I say this because my own scouts have unique emails that I have seen on reports. I suppose I will search through old data extracts. Also, if what you say is true, what is the point of the Show Email Address field? It isn’t for the parent’s email because there is a separate checkbox for that. Also, I have heard “youth protection” invoked before, yet an Export l/Backup from Scoutbook to CSV shows every other personally identifiable piece of information about the scout including date of birth, middle name, and home address. I am confused why email address of the scout is treated so differently than every other piece of data stored in Scoutbook.

Perhaps federal and state laws pertaining to the internet and child/youth protection in addition to BSAs continuing commitment to protect youth?


Seeing your own scout’s email (son/daughter) I can imagine seeing in SB as only the parent can enter it.

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