Unable to run reports of roster contact infornmation

I have been trying to run a list of all parent emails in Report Builder to create a list for use by parent volunteers such as our Popcorn Kernel. When I tried from my phone I was able to select all dens and scouts and click on scout parents, then email addresses. But when I tapped the button to run the report it took me to a page that displayed an message saying I have to select at least one den, which I had done. When I tried to do the same from my desktop, it doesn’t even have an option for me to select scout parents or email addresses.

I searched forum and didn’t see any similar threads. Can any one provide any advice?

@RobertGatt - would you perhaps be using a home screen shortcut on the phone ? I have seen that result from the shortcut. You could try using the browser then going to Scoutbook and try the roster report from there.

Yes. I saved the website as a icon on the desktop of the phone. I will give it a try and see how it goes.

You may want to access Print Roster for this, rather than Report Builder.

Dashboard > Administration > Unit > Roster > Print Roster

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