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Emails when Items are Pending Leader Approval

It would be nice if there was a way for leaders to receive an email when there are items pending Leader Approval. We have ASMs who are supposed to periodically check the “Needs Approval” report, however that doesn’t always happen. For example, I have items that have been pending approval since the beginning of June for one of my Scouts. It would be nice to receive a notification either 24 hours after an item has been marked as completed (in case it is instantly approved), or maybe a weekly digest email of items pending approval. This could go to the Unit Key 3 and then either ASMs or Troop/Patrol admins?

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You mean you don’t have Scouts pestering your ASMs when something is signed off? Our boys are ALL OVER the adult leaders about updates…

But I agree, some kind of more automated report for less-SB-savvy leaders would be useful.

We have them pestering their Patrol Leaders/SPLs, who are pestering me as Scoutmaster, hence how I noticed we had items pending from June (we did break for the summer, which is likely part of the problem). But it would be nice to remind my ASMs somehow to approve items, and to get a report so I can quickly check and see if items are being approved regularly.

Well, even without an “official” email reminder, there’s no reason they can’t make a recurring reminder in their phone’s calendar to check advancement, or even make it a normal part of the pre- or -post meeting routine for the ASMs.

We normally have a couple of adult leaders that are able and willing to enter updates in Scoutbook at the meetings.

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