Email notification regarding pending approvals?

I am a key 3 for my unit and do not receive email notifications telling me that there are approvals pending. Do I need to enable this somehow or do I always have to log into scoutbook to see pending approvals? I could be much more timely if I received notifications by email and could approve them as soon as they are available.

@JohnLowen - there has never been email notification of items needing approval.

That would be an improvement to Scoutbook that I would welcome.

@DanielWeber - it may indeed be a welcome enhancement but we would need to be mindful of an email every time something is entered which would result in a spam designation.

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Fair point. I check Scoutbook regularly enough that it’s not needed for me. But it would be a nice feature. I’d imagine they could format the message and subject in such a way that it would not trigger spam filters, but I’m very uneducated on such matters.

@DanielWeber - it is more of a volume of emails that pose the issue. If I take one of our scouts the needs approval would have involved 230 emails. The email providers tend to flag that type of activity.

Couldn’t it be a “daily summary” email? That’s only generated if there’s new activity?

@DanielWeber - it could but that would have to be built into the api’s which would of course be a story lower in the track of effort. I know for me it would be of little benefit.

I think leaders like you and I that are reading Scouting forums daily aren’t the people this feature would be most beneficial to.

@DanielWeber - well there is that my friend :slight_smile:

Given the amount of processing that happens each night, I don’t envision the BSA implementing this. Between Member Update and other processes that must run nightly, there is already a large load on the servers.

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