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Email notification for Needs Approval / Purchasing / Awarding Report

Consider adding the capability for an adult leader in a unit to be able to subscribe to email notifications on a schedule when a prescribed threshold of items accrue in a needs approval, needs purchasing, or needs awarding report.

For example, an ASM could subscribe to the Needs Approval report to get an email summary of all of the requirements that are awaiting approval a day or two before the Troop meeting. Using this information the ASM could then test scouts and sign off on requirements at the next meeting.

Or for example, a Advancement Chair could subscribe to the Needs Purchasing report to receive a summary of items that need purchasing.

This would be a great reminder that there are items that need attention via email and would at minimum be enough to force adult leaders to look at Scoutbook and it might even provide enough actionable information, especially for approving advancement, to add real value.

I would be curious what others think, would you like to see this type of capability?


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