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Enable PayPal not present in edit unit page

I’ve been following the instructions in PayPal Payment Utility - SB Unit Admin Guide (SB) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

I am a unit admin but I do not see the enable PayPal option when I am on the edit unit page. Is there another configuration that needs to be completed for this to be present?

You can try going to unit roster > click your name > click admin > update - that will reset your admin position

Thank you Donovan. I tried that but the PayPal option is still not available. The only options I see are District, Timezone, TaxID, and Notes.

@RoderickBanua - as the CC of a pack troop and crew I see the enable paypal toggle.

Is it possible someone already enabled it?

There is a setting for the council to allow or disallow units from setting up PayPal you should reach out to a scoutbook council admin to check that.



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