Enjoying the changes to profiles

It was a bumpy transition, but I wanted to acknowledge that the recent move of profiles to IA has been hugely beneficial to those of us in the field. As part of that transition, key-3 can now update almost all profile information of parents and leaders in their unit. This has allowed me to clean up our crusty roster without walking every parent through linking to their account and updating it themselves. For some people this was just NEVER going to happen. This is the first time the official roster in the BSA database has been vaguely correct as we have a lot of parents that first signed up on paper applications years ago, which were not always typed in correctly and are very much out of date before moves, buying cell phones, etc.

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Perhaps you were just missing the Unit Admin role?
I have been using Scoutbook since before BSA took it over, I have always been able to edit youth & adult profiles with ease up until they moved it to IA last month. The Feature Extension also gave us some very valuable mass-edit functionality for updating School, Grade, Medical Form Dates, Swim Qual & Date, & District assignments.
IA has removed alot of fields of the profile. We have lost the ability to even view things in mass, let alone edit them. In IA, we have to click through every youth & adult individually to get to the profile to update anything, it’s just not going to happen & leaders will stop updating anything. Trying to find all the kids who go to a certain school to help at the Back-to-School night? Too bad, can’t, guess we don’t really want new members.
IA is very clunky to view & to navigate. I am missing the breadcrumb navigation of Scoutbook. IA only shows the whole Pack roster, there is no Den level view or filter, which makes it all the more difficult for me as a volunteer when I have to try to figure out which kids are in which den by name.
IA does not show profile pictures from Scoutbook. New parents can no longer add profile pics of their kids, making it hard for leaders to know who is who. New leaders cannot add their own profile pics, making it hard for parents to know how to recognize them at a meeting (IA appears to have the ability to add a pic when viewing my own adult profile, lets me click buttons, but literally nothing happens).

Oh, I had Unit Admin. :slight_smile: In the past I was able to make partial changes to some adults that were not linked, but once they had their own account you were no longer able to modify them.

I am not saying everything is awesome, or even baseline acceptable, but you may wish to recheck some of your examples. I just pulled all the schools for each youth in the pack for example in a single roster, and if you select it from a den roster it auto-selects just those in that den. And school name is again in Edit Extended Profile from ScoutBook without going to IA, so the extension should work again for setting it.

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