Scoutbook Roster builder report shows different information than IA profile

How can I get the information in Scoutbook to sync or be the same as in the IA Profile?
The Roster Report Builder shows very old info, grades not updated, but the grades are correct in Scouts IA Profile Report. Also, Why can’t I print out Scouts email for contact information?

Update the conflicting items in the IA2 profile, remove the update, and save. That will force the sync on those items only.

You may also be able to bulk update some of these items, but I don’t know which are on the list anymore.

Not exporting youth email is an intentional choice by BSA, purportedly in the interests of youth protection. It’s been pointed out previously that the information can be obtained in other ways, but the rule still stands.

The IA2 profile is correct. Also, the Scout’s grade in IA2 is greyed out, so I can’t “change” or update it.

I understood that IA2 is correct. However, that’s where the profile data is maintained now. So, to update what Scoutbook is reporting, you have to “fool” IA2 into pushing the data to update the Scoutbook copy. To do that, you make a “non-change” edit that the forces the synch.

If grade is grayed-out, that might be a situation where only the registrar can update it.

Got it. I went in and added all the Schools. So hoping that will do it!

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