Two Profiles and Other Discrepancies on Scoutbook and IA

Hello! I’m hoping to get some help from my fellow scouters. Sorry for the long post but I want to give as much detail about the issue as possible and hopefully get to the bottom of it. Before getting into the issue, years ago I had created a SB account (when it was free for parent to track a single scout). Our troop recently made the change to SB and I never received an invitation email. We all assumed it was because I was already in the system. However…

On Scout Book
Under My Account in SB, I see my council patch and troop number and nothing else (first pic). My position is not reflected there although it’s added on my profile (second pic). I am also unable to see the troop roster when I click on the Troop on my admin page nor am I connected to any scouts other than my son.

On Internet Advancement
Here I have two profiles (third pic).
The parent profile shows me my son’s information but it’s not accurate and there are many missing MB’s and Advancements. The troop profile shows my position and I can see the troop roster, but I’m still not able to access reports or approve advancements.

I’ve checked with my troop’s advancement folks who typically handle Scout Book and we’re all stumped. Here are the questions I’m hoping to answer:

  1. Should there only be one profile on IA and how do we correct this if that’s the case?
  2. If that’s not the issue, what else could it be?

I appreciate any help we can get.


  1. it is one profile - but 2 positions - parent / leader
  2. one missing things for your son - first guess would be they were not correctly entered in Scoutbook or maybe not approved. As an ASM you do not have IA authority to approve anything at this time

Thanks Donovan! I thought ASM’s were able to approve advancement requirements. Is that not accurate or do we need to set up different persmissions for our ASM’s?

In IA right now only Key 3, Key 3 Delegate and Unit Advancement Chairs (in Security Manager) can approve

Got it. Thank you. How about the other items?

  1. My position not showing on my Scoutbook account when it does appear on IA?
  2. My lack of connection to other scouts (other ASM’s are able to do this)?
  3. The discrepancy on my son’s advancement information (the leader profile is accurate, the parent profile is not)?

Sorry for all the questions. I’ve been trying to get answers to all this for a while with no luck.

Well if your unit is using Scoutbook why are you even looking at IA?

  1. does the position show at if not you are not registered
  2. Connections are made in - talk to the unit Admin
  3. would need more information

Ok, figured the first question out. Not showing on I’ll check with the troop admins since I submitted an application last month. That probably answers question 2 as well. Not sure on my son’s advancement though. I guess I just need to sit with my admin and walk through the whole thing.Thanks again for all your help!

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