Entering Outdoor activity award / summertime award across ranks

As a Pack Admin for a large pack, it is tedious to note all of the “outdoor activity award” requirements (and to a lesser extent, the summertime award requirements) for scouts across multiple ranks.

Each award has a “rank specific version” because they can be earned multiple years in a row. I don’t know how the current system can improve upon this, but I wanted to submit this as a pain point for entering these awards.

e.g. this weekend we had a pack campout. I would love to mark everyone who participated off for the various activities we completed and how that would track against their outdoor activity award status. I need to do this on a quick update on a rank by rank basis. I similarly just went thru and marked off a “june” event by each rank.

All older ranks are present in the “available scouts” on the younger rank awards, if that makes sense. I think this is the right way to do it, because dens can rank up and I am OK retroactively marking off awards that should have been earned. But it makes a lot of noise.

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