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IA 2.0 Rank/Award Issues for Pack

I am trying to award our scouts with their Shooting Sports Award & National Summertime Awards. However, it only gives me the option of awards for their previous rank.
For example, I can only select Wolf options for our Bears
Has anyone else run into this problem. I’m having an incredibly hard time finding someone at the council level to help me. I would appreciate any help
Thank you

This is a known bug - we do not know when it will be fixed. I would suggest going into to complete/approve these items as a work around.

Thank you for your response, I have been round and round and no one has had any answers for me. Unfortunately, our pack does not currently use Scoutbook, so I don’t think that would work as a work around for me.

if you can log into IA - you can log right into with the same credentials and do this > go to My Dashboard > click the unit under My Units (or right) > at bottom click Quick Enter > select Enter Awards > select the award you need > Select the scouts and mark off requirements > add the date and click the APPROVED checkbox (that makes it official) > Then you can go back to unit page > Reports > Needs purchasing > add the awards to a purchase order > Save > from this page you can get an advancement report from the bottom to take to the scoutshop

You are a hero! I can’t thank you enough. You have really saved me so much time and hassle! Thank you!!!

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