Suggestions for Scoutbook enhancements

In Scoutbook we have the ability to track hiking, service hours, camping and a bunch of other stuff. It would be nice to be able to track activities as well. Like going on an outing that isn’t a campout or hike. Some of the early rank requirements require the scout to have participated in a number of campouts or activities. It would be nice to have that information in Scoutbook.


There is an item in the backlog to enhance the logging capabilities in Scoutbook. At this time we do not know when these enhancements will be scheduled for development.

Hi, Earl,

One way that I have suggested that scouts track this for their rank requirements is to use the Notes feature to record the list of activities that they think qualify. That way, both they and the leader can look at the list and be sure they’re talking about the same list of items.

You’ve probably heard it before, but Troopmaster has the ability to create new Troop activities, add dates and rosters for those activities, and to automatically fill in the date the activity requirement has been met

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This has been mentioned multiple times. The problem is you cannot blindly transfer attendance data to completed requirements, especially in Scouts BSA. There are many times a Scout arrives late, leaves early or otherwise does not complete the work.

In addition, you would need to differentiate between learning and being tested, the first 2 steps in Scouts BSA Advancement. At one meeting, a Scout could learn the material but not have it sufficiently mastered to pass a test (ex: demonstrate a square knot).

How does TM know when all of the requirements have been met?

Does TM track which activities are outdoors? Indoor activities can count as some of the activities for SC/FC #1a. Or whether or not an individual Scout helped pitch his or her own tent on a campout (or help erect some other structure in which the Scout spent the night)? If a Scout arrives late to a campout and did not help set up his or her tent / structure, how does the tracking software know?

There are also cases where some campouts will count towards the camping merit badge but not SC/FC #1a., how does the tracking software know the difference?