Entering RSVP'd participants in IA calendar event into Activities

When I go to use the new calendar, and I see that events can have camping and other activities associated with them, I sorta expect that, after the event, I can easily take the RSVP (attendee) information directly into the associated activities. But, clearly I can’t. I have to remove the people who weren’t there. I thought there might be an option to do this, until I read the knowledge base article, and got to this little ditty:
NOTE: Currently the system adds everyone who was invited to the event as a participant in the activity. Remove those, from the activity, who did not attend and you do not wish to be included. (The plan is to have an option to include only those marked attended, but that is not in the system yet.)

Let me just say that if that’s “the plan,” it should probably be done “sooner” than “later,” or your going to have a lot of very frustrated people hoping desperately to do just that. It was bad enough that you couldn’t really transfer this information very easily from Scoutbook. This is very nearly worse.


Have you taken attendance yet?

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This happened for me too. We just had a camporee. Took attendance - 19 people joined. When I go to log activities in IA, it logs it for everyone invited to the event. That’s 51 people. So I have to add them individually or remove 32 people from the event to log their camping nights. I heartily agree, if SUAC can request this move to the top of the backlog I would be a very happy camper.

You need to turn on rsvp and then take attendance. There should be a slider next to each person’s name once rsvp is on, but we have some reports of the sliders not appearing.

OK. The event with RSVP is on. When I go to add nights, I see 51 youths. Only 18 attended. It appears I have to X out each user who didn’t go for it to work. My request is that we restrict this list to people whose attendance is confirmed. See below:

The list below contains 51. I expect it to be 18 who confirmed attendance.

Does this make sense?



@EdwardKraay - so lets take that same event in scoutbook and only the logs in IA, How would you process that way.

In your first image, I see the blue sliders. Only those that are blue should be added to the activity log.

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Having the same problem here. Trying to log a hiking activity after event was over.

  • Clicked edit event
  • Turned on RSVP
  • Saved event
  • Expanded RSVP Maybe
  • Expanded Youth
  • Expanded Adults
  • Expanded Leaders
  • Moved the attended sliders for each appropriate member
  • Saved event
  • Clicked Add Hiking (all invitees, even those who are not marked attended show up on Attendees list)
  • When I add miles to group, IA indicates that activity will credit to EVERYONE
  • When I add miles to individuals instead, I get a VERY long error message:

I had to force a browser page refresh this morning after the updates that were pushed yesterday. That eliminated most of the errors I was getting. Have you forced a refresh and are still getting the error?

@RyanTashma - I was able to add hike data via edit event click the plus sign in the hike section, removed non-participants at the right. Entered the data and saved, then saved the event

@CharleyHamilton refreshing the browser doesn’t change this.

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@Stephen_Hornak I can do that, but it doesn’t match the method that @jacobfetzer describes above (i.e. only invitees who are marked as having attended will be added to the activity log).

It seems the end-state should be: 1) leaders can take attendance without the extra button clicks of having to turn on RSVP (even after the fact)–appears to be in the backlog; and 2) leaders shouldn’t have to delete non-attending invitees from the activity log when they’ve already taken attendance (this isn’t so bad for a small den but for a family camp where the entire pack of over 100 attendees is invited, it becomes awfully tedious).

CORRECTION: I tried to remove the non-attendees from the activity log and enter miles and I still get the very verbose error code. This happens both when entering miles as a group and entering miles by individual. I assume (but am not sure) that I have to delete the non-attending members from the invite to get this to work. That presents a different issue–as we forget when people joined, you lose the ability to see what events someone was invited to and didn’t attend versus events they weren’t even invited to.

That is not the expected work flow. This is a bug. I will double check that it’s on the developers list.


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