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Quick Entry from Calendar Attendance for Service and Camping activities - any hope?

This functionality was lost in May - it seemed there was hope the FA developer would be able to code this so that we can convert Event attendance into the Internet Advancement db. Is this possible? If not, we need to quickly STOP our troop from wasting time entering attendance into Scoutbook!

@DavidSavage I have all but given up on being able to make this work again, due to Scoutbook and Internet Advancement systems being on two different domains, and BSA IT was unable to devote resources to help. That said, there are changes occurring in the back end of Scoutbook that “may” help - but I won’t know for another couple of weeks.

I’m really struggling with the idea that this is a MAJOR waste of time that’s interfering with providing the program to the youth… Taking attendance in Scoutbook or the Scouting app is less than five minutes for your Scibe to do.

Creating the events in the activity log is slightly more involved, but not by much. Mayby five or ten minutes per event, done by one of the Key 3 members. And, you aren’t doing this for routine Troop meetings, only campouts, hikes, and service activities.

You’re struggling? We have 5 companies and over 260 scouts. Attendance is taken for all meetings, campouts, and service projects - using the Scoutbook calendar. Suddenly, we are told that all Campout and Service project activity must be recorded, redundantly… in Internet Advancement? Please walk us through the gameplan to resolve this. Where is the communication of the end-game? Of course this is manageable (just about anything is…) but what is the future and how long will this be required?

Yes, I’m struggling with it. The old activity logs weren’t linked to the Scoutbook calendar, either, and the new logs are more amenable to entering stuff for multiple Scouts at once…

What was your process before this change?

How has your process changed with the logs moving from Scoutbook to IA2?

You’re not doing more redundnant data entry than you were before. And, it needs to be pointed out that taking attendance using the Scoutbook calendar is (and always has been) entirely optional.

The activity logs were linked to the Calendar - by the Feature Assistant tool that is no longer available.
Once Scribe and/or Scoutmasters took attendance in SB…
Before: edit Event and click one button to generate camping nights or service hours.
After: login to IA and create event, then basically take attendance gain.

I don’t recall them ever being linked, even via the Feature Assistance Extension. That was one of the feature requests that drove the migration of the logs to IA2.

So, to answer your other question, there is NO resolution; this is the future of the activity logs.

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The Scoutbook calendar and the old logs were not linked. However, the Feature Assistant Extension did have an option to pre-fill information from the calendar for Quick Entry based on attendance.

It was a fantastic feature, especially for large troops.
Scoutbook Calendar, and the attendance functionality, is very intuitive for our Leaders and users.
Once users entered attendance for a Camping or Service activity, it took 30 seconds to convert that data to activity logs. Now the decision is whether to abandon the Calendar altogether, since taking attendance there for anything other than meetings, is wasted effort.

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There are plans to eventually bring the calendar and activity logs together, but that is not a quick project.

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