Error: Batch Application person not found


I get the following error when trying to remove a Scout. I have tried multiple Scouts and Adults, same Error. I’ve also refreshed and tried multiple browsers.

Welcome to the Scouting Forums and thanks for posting! I’ve seen that same error with at least one of the units that I support, but can’t recall the circumstance. Regarding the Youth and Adults that you are trying to remove, are they duplicates? Does the youth or adult that you are trying to remove have a Member ID listed in that row?

Neither are duplicates and both have Member IDs listed.

I just noticed the Scout has paid for 2022 Recharter and thought it was related to that, but I get a message saying I can’t remove a Scout that is paid for 2022 when I try a different Scout, if that made any sense!

Since there is no $ involved, I guess its not the worst if they get Rechartered, I’d just rather remove them!