Recharter Error: This Batch Cannot be Updated (Removing member/Marking as Multiple)

I am trying to remove scouts and mark a leader as a multiple in IA 2.0 Recharter
When I follow the steps, I get the error message
This Batch Cannot be Updated

Even if completed separately, after refreshing the roster.

Please advise. Thank you!

I am receiving the same error message when attempting to slide to toggle for Scout Life.
Right now, our whole pack is selected to receive the magazine however, many did not pay for it next year and I would like to remove them before paying for our re-charter.

The developers are investigating per this post: How to post Bugs in Recharter - #52 by jacobfetzer

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I am having the same problem moving one scout leader from the “removed” list to the “active” list during my recharter process.

12/4/21 - Problem corrected! Thanks!

I am getting the same error for any changes to our roster.
Marking as Multiple, Inviting Existing Member, Removing from the roster, etc. all the same error.

This seems to be solved - and actions I had taken are in place - please review yours

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