Error on activity

ERROR ’ Logged-in user does not have authority to view advancement import files for this unit’ What is going on? I need to activities. Haven’t had problems in the past.

I googled the same error message and found your post. I was still able to enter advancements, but got the error each time. Mostly a nuisance for me. Did you ever find a resolution?

It has to do with your permission levels at my.scouting.

As you are both Assistant Scoutmasters, you should have the ability to add activities, but you won’t be able to add advancement import files. In order to add advancement import files, your unit needs to go to my.scouting and add you as Unit Advancement Chair or as a Key 3 Delegate (functional roles at my.scouting).

Thanks, but I wasn’t doing anything with import files. Just entering camping days/service hours. However, today, that functionality disappeared. I can no longer see the two Troops Roster/Activities. I only see myself and my child.

I did recharter last year and was listed as a Key 3 Delegate for the two troops. I guess it has to be done every year?

It looks like yes. There was a rumor that it would not be required 2021-2022, but it was still required, I believe. It looks like 2022-2023 it is also required?

If you do not change your registered position within the unit, then it should automatically rollover to the next charter year.

Did you change roles in the unit?

I guess that’s it. I went from Committee Member to Asst. Scoutmaster.

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