Internet Advancement issue - unable to import file

Our troop uses Troopmaster, which I’ve inherited as the troop’s advancement coordinator. Our data has not been synched with council in over a year, so I’m working to get this up to date. I’ve created the CSV file needed to upload our troopmaster data to internet advancement, but the [import file] icon is grayed out. Not sure if this is a technical issue or a permissions issue - my profile shows my access as “Troop Admin”


It sounds like you are using an older version of Troopmaster. You need a newer version that produces a TXT file to import into Internet Advancement.

I’m sorry - I mispoke – the troopmaster export file is indeed a txt file.

My issue is an inability to click on the Import File link/button/icon in internet advancement - it is disabled (greyed out)

Are you listed as Advancement Chair in Organization Security Manager in Have one of your Key 3 log in and check.

Both our SM and troop committee Chair stepped down at the end of June, but will reach out to them to see if their replacements have been updated yet. Thanks.

you can also go to > log in > click MENU top left > click MY PROFILE > Under Active positions if you are setup as mentioned above it will say it here

It says I am setup as “Troop Admin” - but I still do not have the option to Import File.

To interact with IA2 ( you have to be one of the unit Key 3 (SM, COR, CC), or designated as a Key 3 Delegate or Unit Advancement Chair in the Organizational Security Manager, as @edavignon noted above. Unfortunately, it doesn’t show designation of the functional positions (Key 3 Delegate or Unit Advancement Chair) in your profile at my.scouting. I just checked in my account.

“Troop Admin” only applies in Scoutbook (, not IA2 (

ETA: I remembered that you can see designation as a Key 3 Delegate in your Scoutbook profile under My Positions. I don’t know about Unit Advancement Chair, since the title is the same in SB and the OSM.

It sounds like you have a permissions issue. You need one of the troop’s Key 3 to designate you as Unit Advancement Chair or a Key 3 Delegate using the Organization Security Manager at In your situation, Key 3 Delegate might be the better role for you until the new Scoutmaster and Committee Chair are registered.

Being a Troop Admin in Scoutbook will only give you access to the Activities part of IA 2.0 - not the advancements.

So I checked with the SM (stepping down as SM but stepping up as TCC, so still has Key3 access), and he’s confirmed that I am designated as the Advancement Chair. Is there some delay on the server side? I do have access to modify Activities (as someone above previously mentioned) but still cannot upload advancement data.

In my myscouting account, I am shown as a committee member of T0114, but in IA2 I can select either T0114 or T114. Is there a conflict there? Selecting T0114 gives me access to my own son only (as a parent).

Another possibly related issue is the error message I get in IA2 when I try to run a report:

“Please log onto your account and try again, or report this to the forums (81).”

Obviously I’m already logged in, but logging out, clearing cache, and logging back in has no effect.

Is there another configuration setting required beyond designation as advancement chair? Or is it time to open a formal support ticket?

If you have been designated as Unit Advancement Chair at (not Scoutbook), then that should be all you need. There might be a delay overnight if you were just designated today.

If you still cannot access tomorrow, then I would recommend sending the e-mail to Scoutbook Support, and be as specific as you can and include your name, position, troop number, council name.

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I opened a support ticket, and the official response was that it takes 72 hours for changes to take effect. I guess I’ll have to wait and see. Thanks to all who responded.

72 hours is the official response, however, it usually just takes until the next morning to sync the data between Organization Security Manager and Scoutbook/Internet Advancement.

Finally in.

Apparently it sometimes takes 98 hours.

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