Error while sending email invites

When sending invites, getting the error “Whoops! We encountered an error trying to process your request. Our Webmaster has been notified and will fix ASAP”.
Note: This is while sending invite to join for Parent or committee member or Scout login invite.
Please can the website admins review this ASAP and fix the issue.

I am getting same error when trying to give Scout email address

@FrederickPeloso - only a parent can do that. They do the scout invite

Thank you Stephen!
I am the parent.

@FrederickPeloso - thanks for the update as I would not have known. I guess post the BSA ID of the scout.

To be more clear I am leader and parent!
I thought it was just my issue but then when I saw this post I wasn’t sure if it was a server issue.

@FrederickPeloso @NasirSayed - I just tried and got the same result for a scout parent re-invite.

speloso15 was applied to the account - did the scout get the invite email?

Will check now.
Am i OK to follow link if she received?

Scout did not receive email.

@FrederickPeloso that is good info thanks - sent to developers

Thank you @DonovanMcNeil and @Stephen_Hornak for looking into this, especially on a weekend!

Worked for me today.
Thank you!

Is the issue resolved for everyone and what was the issue?

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