Parents cannot invite their scout to scoutbook

Our Troop parents are unable to send invites to their Scouts in order to get the scout set up with their own accounts. The “invite scout to connect” is not available at the bottom when in the edit profile for the scout. Any ideas on how to fix this. Hopefully the pics I have included can be viewed. Thanks

That usually means that council applied an email to the Scout in registration - Usually it is the parents email - an alternative that often works is to setup a account for the youth - then they can use those credentials to get to Scoutbook

It might also be worth reaching out to council to clear the parent/scout email issue, since I’ve had that impact emails going to parents (because the only parent connected to the scout has their email associated with the scout’s account). Does setting up the account for the scout “reset” the email address for the scout?

As a semi-related question, what happens if the parent assigns their email address to the scout in Does that have to be “fixed” through council? I’m thinking ahead to how to explain the process to parents and what I need to “lean in” on a couple of times in different ways (e.g. “Make sure that, when you’re creating an account for your scout at, you only use their email address not yours.”) versus just including in the “spiel”.

my.scouting does not care about duplicate emails - Scoutbook does not allow them - that is the issue. Once a user can get to account they can deal with email in SB account themself

Cool beans. Learned something new today. Thanks, @DonovanMcNeil.

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