ESRA - Wrong Eagle Project Completion Date

I am helping a Scout prepare for his Eagle Board of Review. In reviewing his records, it was discovered that the wrong date was entered for his project completion date (Eagle Scout Requirement #5). I attempted to make the correction today, but the ESRA and BSA History Report still shows the wrong date.

BSA Member: 131198466
UserID: 211152

Date listed: 01/12/22
Actual date: 12/11/21



Carlos Rodriguez
Eagle Mentor/Scoutbook Administrator
NCAC, Troop 845
Stafford, VA

Easiest solution: The Eagle Application comes down as an editable PDF. You can change the date on the application in Adobe Acrobat Reader

Hi William,

Thank you. That was in fact what the Scout had done, before I realized the discrepancy in his records.

The only issue with that approach is, as part of the verification process, our District will reconcile the ESRA with the BSA Scout History Report, both of which are generated by Scoutbook. Changes made to the ESRA will not carryover to the History Report.

This issue is certainly not a showstopper. The Project was completed and documented. Thought I’d ask in case there was a simple fix that I was overlooking. I will make the District aware of the situation. They will likely not think this is a big deal either.

Project completion date is pulled from the completion date of Eagle requirement 5 in Scoutbook. A troop Scoutbook admin or anyone else with advancement update rights in the unit in Scoutbook can change the date of that requirement and the date will change in the application and the history report.

They click on the requirement and enter a new date, and click save.

Thank you. That was previously done. I am the Troop Scoutbook admin. See the below image - project completion date was corrected.


I even backed out the completion date and saved, and then reentered the date and saved. No change in the reports. It seems the data in the reports are locked. Not sure whether this is a result of the Scout’s 18th birthday having passed.

I have left you a private note. Click on the green circle with the C in the upper right and the envelope to see it.


Did you download a new Eagle Application?

It looks like you are making changes in the wrong version of the rank. Go to the previous version to make your changes.


An update to the Eagle Application generation function has been partially released. Generate the Eagle Application as normal then, in the new tab, add &version=2016 and press enter. This will download a new Eagle Application that uses the data entered in Eagle Rank version 2016.

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