Fixing Rank Completion Date

Our scoutmaster accidentally filled in the date of his scoutmaster’s conference in the requirement for a board of review for a scouts Tenderfoot rank, and clicked the mark completed box for the entire rank. The board of review was the next day and we cannot enter the correct date for the completion of his Tenderfoot rank because we get the error “Please Check the date…Requirement 11 was completed before this date.”
Similarly we can’t update the date of the board of review to be the actual date, because we get an error message that we can’t have the board of review after the completion date."

Finally, we can’t accept the date of the scoutmaster conference as the official date, because it currently shows that the scout completed his Tenderfoot before his Scout rank was completed.

When I called our Counsel Office and asked if they could help, they said to contact scoutbook. Who can help us fix this?


Clear out both the BOR and overall completion dates then you should be able to enter the correct dates.

I have a similar question – I need to clear out 4 MBs that somehow got assigned to 4 scouts in error. They were approved when I put it in for a different scout. The site won’t let me uncheck the “approve” nor will it let me change anything … date, etc. It did not show up in the “history” tab (where the editing pencil is). It only shows up in each individual scout’s profile site. I called Council, but they didn’t know how to fix it. Please help… Thanks!


It sounds like you are trying to do this in Internet Advancement. I suggest using Scoutbook. Go to the Scout’s advancement page, click on the MB then the completion date. Clear the date and the Leader Approved check box.

@AileenGum You had a duplicate Scoutbook account issue. I have fixed it.

Please log all the way out, and then log back in again.

I didn’t know I could clear the date… But for anyone else who needs to clear a date: you need to use the backspace or delete keys to delete the date instead of the calendar because the ‘Clear’ on the calendar just closes the window.

I have a different, but possibly related, issue. My son (member ID 133916183) is prepping his Eagle application and while filling out the MB part of the paperwork he noticed an issue in SB. The individual advancement record report lists all of his MBs in the correct date order but one of them (Snow Sports) is not showing up in the correct spot in SB itself. It should be in spot #20 (6th elective MB) on the Eagle page but is being skipped for some reason. The first eagle palm page seems to be reading the dates correctly which results in one MB (Programming) showing up BOTH on the Eagle page and the palm page. I’m a ASM and troop SB admin and have played around with the dates but I can’t seem to figure out how to get the Eagle page to update correctly. Any thoughts?
Ben Groverman

@BenjaminGroverman - a couple of thoughts first… please DO NOT MESS WITH DATES … and scoutbook can produce the eagle application. Now perhaps some screeshots of what you are looking at would be helpful. And what is the status of snow sports… completed, completed and approved, completed approved and awarded?

Thanks. Snow Sports is marked completed/approved/awarded with a date of 4/3/2020. The screenshots below indicate what I’m seeing. Snow Sports should slot in between Entrepreneurship and Weather on the Eagle page but it’s being skipped, pushing everything up one and resulting in Programming appearing at #21. The first Eagle palm page appears to be reading the dates correctly as Programming appears (correctly) as the first MB there.


@BenjaminGroverman - is snow sports showing anywhere like perhaps in life rank ?

No, it’s showing up on the general advancement page under MBs earned but it’s not listed on the Star/Life/Eagle rank pages or on any of the eagle palm pages.

Is the scout set to the current Eagle version?

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@DonovanMcNeil - good point and I had not gotten there yet…

Yes, it’s set to 2022-23 on the Eagle rank page.

Hmmm - I just did a test on his eagle app and it produced correctly - I can setup a screenshare to take a look cause some tests I just ran all worked fine. Or I can set myself as admin in the unit to see it first hand if you want.

Thanks. The app is not the issue, I agree it’s producing correctly and the data are correct behind the scenes. I’m just trying to understand why it’s not populating correctly on the individual rank page in Scoutbook itself. Are you able to see/replicate the two pages from the screenshots above?

not in the tests I have done - sometimes seeing the interface will give some clues - but I probably have enough to hand to Devs for research.

Thanks. Feel free to set yourself as admin if you think it would be helpful to look around.

it is odd - on test server I flipped to 2016 Eagle - but it put in Snow out of order

Screen Shot 2023-11-30 at 8.04.35 AM

@BenjaminGroverman have some dates been changed for MBs? as the requirement was completed automatically by system 2/21/23

I haven’t changed any of the dates. I think when you switch it to 2016, it drops Citizenship in Society and picks up the next elective MB. As far as why the dates are still out of order, I don’t know.