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Old incorrect MB date may mess up Eagle application

Not technically a SB issue, but possibly: I have a scout who filled out their own ESRA vs taking the one from the SB/system. They put in a date for a MB that was technically correct, but is one year earlier than what SB shows. This is from 2017/2018 so the info says BSA entered it. I “could” go in and change the date to 2017, but I don’t know that something from that far back would even be correctable. Assuming this scout turned in his version of the ESRA already (trying to verify now), is it possible for me to change the date and have BSA accept it?

If it’s from 2017-2018 and it says “Approved by BSA Administrator”, then it was probably entered in to the old Internet Advancement and synced over into Scoutbook.

Can you correct the date in Scoutbook? Yes, but I would coordinate with the Scout and possibly also your council’s Eagle processor.

So the change would take effect in SB and eventually be read correctly by BSA? I have suggested the scout check with the Eagle counselor (I assume that’s the council’s Eagle processor, I’m not part of that process).

Different councils have their own way of doing things, but if the Scout has the blue card with the correct date, and if that date matches up with his Eagle Scout rank application, then your council could correct the date, and it will sync back over into Scoutbook. Or you can correct the date in Scoutbook and it will sync over to your council.

Thank you for this information!

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