Parent attendance

I went through and added all of my meetings/events for the year. I invited all parents to all events, the Lion Den.

When I go back to check attendance, I can only check the scout and myself (as the Den Leader). I cannot check attendance for parents. On a slightly different but similar issue, I can manually enter RSVP for the scout/leaders but not the parents.

It appears this issue has been discussed multiple times in the past but no resolution provided. Am I missing something?



@TravisStephens - are you doing this in or somewhere else


@TravisStephens - i found that it works for me… no issues marking the adult or youth attendance


Were the events created with Den Leader Experience (DLE) or directly in Scoutbook? DLE created events have limited capabilities.

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Made directly in Scout Book.

Were the parents invited directly?

What do you mean by invited directly?

I created the event. Opened invites, scrolled to parents, selected all, set and saved the event. On the event with the RSVP, I just flipped the switch on.

On the RSVP issue, I just went back into the event and was able to log the RSVP response for the parents (within the event edit). The scouts, I can do it from the event screen (don’t have to edit).

So not a big deal there, at least that one is working.

Attendance does not work this way. The only place to track attendance (that I’m aware of) is from the event screen.

@TravisStephens - are you doing this on a mobile device or pc ? If on a pc what browser ?


Browser; Chrome
I also have the extension installed.

@TravisStephens - ok… so in looking at a past event you should have adults listed at top then scouts below and record attendance in the lower right. Is that what you see


Yes, that’s how it looks. I’ve also tried turning off the extension.

I have also tried on a different computer, connected to a different network, and different browsers (Firefox & Chrome). Firefox on that computer has never logged into Scout Book or been to the site so not a cache issue.

I can setup a screenshare if you want @TravisStephens


Sure, whenever you’re ready.

I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green dot with a number 1 > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

Did you have the screenshare? I’m fairly certain the permissions are different for den admins than unit admins.

Yes, I did. I’m waiting for my pack admin to reset my permissions.

As a Den leader I can create events for the den. If a pack admin has to come and complete attendance for my event, that would be a poor design.

Den admins can create events. I don’t think you said you were having trouble with that. You only said you couldn’t take attendance for parents. And that’s the permission that I don’t think den admins have. Note that everyone who was trying to help you is a unit admin, so they really haven’t seen what permissions a den admin may have.

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