Event Comments - Rich Text

On event comments, we posted meeting minutes and it doesn’t even keep the spacing between paragraphs. It just dumps it into one run-on.

It would be nice if it had just some basic WYSIWYG features. Bold for titles. Paragraph return for spacing between paragraphs. Just those two would go a long way.

As an alternative, we have used the unit forum. Recently, though, I have heard of multiple families having issues with accessing.

I’d love that, but zero adoption, especially with parents. We’d like to get at least our committee in it, but haven’t gotten there yet.

The real issue with the forum is that they defaulted to opting everyone out. If they would have opted everyone in, so that they get an email digest and alerts in the mobile app, it would be awesome. But the concept of getting and keeping everyone setup correctly with their notification levels manually ruins its usefulness. These people have already opted into Scouting notifications, I don’t understand why they chose to not opt them in for their specific unit notifications, but that’s the way it is and I’ve seen no indication that they’ll improve that anytime soon.

Permissions for unit forums have never worked correctly and I have not been able to get IT to fix them. I recommend not using unit forums.

Thanks. Disappointing.

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