Default to “Watch” Status on Unit Forum

We are a few years into the new forum format and hardly any of our parents know it exists.

Do they automatically get emailed digest notices of posts that we make in our unit category?

If not, is there any way to have all of our pack users set to “Watch” our unit category so that they will get notifications when we make posts there?

Without them being notified, posts there have been useless. Shouting into the abyss. Near zero engagement.

There have been many issues with adding and removing families to the unit groups that we have not been able to get fixed. I suspect many of your families do not know about the unit forum because they are not in the group. In my opinion, given the lack of support for unit forums, they should not be used.

Thank you for your honesty. Disappointing answer, but appreciated response. We are so close to having a singular communications platform.