Event Description: Link breaks formatting (restored after removing)

Event Description formatting does not support direct linking to Google Drive documents.

Example “https://docs.google.com/document/d/.../edit?usp=drive_link” which points to a Google Doc file causes the Event Description to break. As a workaround you can link to the Google Folder the document is stored. I hope this helps and please let us if there is any plans to support direct linking to files in Google Drive.

It still works if you use short links.

Google Drive gives you short links (works with IA) for Forms, but when it comes to sharing files directly, it only has “Copy link” in the Share menu. Are you using a third-party link shortener?



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This has been reported to the developers

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@Rick.Sedivec a change just went into production that should fix this. Would you like to try again?

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Hi, the direct link to files in Google Drive is now working. When I tried it on my end the formatting was not broken. Much apricated! :grinning:


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