Event descriptions showing formatting tags

After typing the event description and not using formatting, the system creates the formatting tags and adds them to the event description after being saved. Screen shot to show how it looks

Hi, I am also seeing this after saving the event. The view shows HTML formatting.

Format Event Description 2024-01-29 102019

What are you using to enter the Description? Are you Copy paste it perhaps? @Rick.Sedivec

I have had this happen when I copied and pasted from an old Scoutbook event, notepad and notes and had this formatting show up in the IA calendar event. All those locations showed plain text. But, I have also had this show up when typing directly into the IA calendar event description without copying and pasting.

If I use Copy+Paste formatting or use the Rich Text Editor the results are the same. All looks good until after the event is saved and when I go back to view it, the mark-up is displayed. Note: I seemed to get this behavior when adding hyperlinks in the description.


Your invaluable input plays a crucial role in making our efforts even more successful! Agenda!https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TBy9Pxp6X3nvOA7ARYYTyMXUl9Y3w8o9FCo4-A/edit?usp=sharing” - Formatting was accepted in this post.

I still have this problem. I have done both manually typed up the description and copy/pasted it from other places and it adds all the tags after save. To complicate it further if a reminder is set it sends the description with tags in a jumbled up mess which no parent can decipher and therefore they just ignore the automated reminder email. Please fix.

The issue with formatting tags appearing is in the developer’s backlog.

Thank you for confirming it’s a known issue and on the list to be addressed.

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