IA Calendar description formatting working on and off

event orig created in scoutbook, raw formatting displaying in IA. editevent in IA, fixed formatting issues. Saved and reverts back to raw formatting on the view page.

I have seen it come across correctly at times. But not currently.

I can second this behavior and posted my symptoms in a similar thread: IA Calander Issues - #7 by MarkYedlowski

I have had the same problems. I noticed a couple things that seem to cause this issue:
-Incorrect BBCode (i.e. more openings than closing or vice versa)
-Links being embedded are too long

What’s interesting is that the formatting works fine every time in the Scouting App and Scoutbook but not in IA for some reason.

How it displays in Scoutbook:

How it displays in IA:

I have the same problem.

How can they have decided to force roll out the new calendar when something as basic as this doesn’t work?

Calendar is unusable now.


This is a known and reported bug due to maintaining the 2 interfaces. They do not know when it will be fixed. My personal advice is to fix some for the next week or so and watch the change logs for a fix.

Just a reply to keep this thread open… and hoping for an update from the devs.

The reply will come in the form of a change log update reporting the fix.

Some additional information to hopefully assist in troubleshooting.

  1. I just updated some information on an event in IA. It was an event that was previously reduced to a single event with BBC code visible and I was hoping to fix it. I reformatted the event with preferred line spacing, text formatting, and links.
  2. I saved the event and received a pop-up stating the “event saved successfully.”
  3. I returned to main calendar and clicked on the event to check. When I did, the formatting was how I left it. Great! I returned to the main calendar.
  4. Not completely ready to believe the bugs were worked out, I clicked on the event again. This time it had been returned to the single paragraph with the BBC code visible.

It seems like the formatting initially takes. Then, I’m guessing, that update is sent somewhere a short time later at which point the formatting is translated to the coding.

Matt Johnson, you said that the fix would show up in the form of a change log update. Is this something that has to be looked at daily in order to see if it’s been reported as fixed? I’ve not had to follow along to see if an issue has been fixed before.
I was really bummed to see the note that went out to the Pack was not links but raw formatting. Is there going to be the option to preview the event description before it goes live?

I have an event that seems to be maintaining the correct formatting in IA. I’ve used the iCal url link to add it to my Google calendar. The formatting does not carry over to the Google calendar event. Will that be fixed?

Many families find it easier to reference all activities from one calendar (our family included), and the lack of formatting makes it challenging to share information efficiently.

You can actually subscribe to any given forum, and it will email you. That’s one way I stay on top of the change logs.


If you look near the top, there’s a small bell icon in the top right. Click on that, and choose “Watching” I believe that will automatically email you if there is an update to that Category. You can also “Watch” other categories or even individual threads if you’re interested in tracking them without posting a reply.

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If you let a scheduled reminder run it comes from scoutbook and formatted correctly with a RSVP link attached. However if you send a ASAP reminder similar to the send now of the old calendar, Then you get and entirely different email and format. Not sure what they were thinking. If that is working as intended or not. I don’t like it to be honest.


This is due to the calendar transition and will be completely fixed once the Scoutbook calendar is fully retired.

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