Formatting is not working

When I open an event created on Scoutbook in IAC, the formatting is lost. Links to images and urls show a mess of text. The event description is now difficult to read or decipher.

Yes. I already reported it, but yeah, seems like a crazy oversight.

it would seem that it is stripping the formating and dumping it as straight freetext, which i think it is in scoutboook anyway

Will this bug be fixed before we are forced over this this new calendar?

Yes it will not only be fixed but you will get a Wysiwyg editor for the event description field. Which is something a lot of people have been asking for.


Thanks so much! This is perfect…have been hoping for WYSIWYG editor on description. Yeah, I have to have those hyperlinks and formatting working because that is how I link people to pay for campouts, and simplify the info with the formatting.

yes the formatting is lost in IA but when clicking Edit all the formatting is still there.

Will we continue to use the type coding or will we get user friendly formatting?

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As @WilliamNelson noted above, the long-term replacement is supposed to have a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. I assume that’s what you mean by “user friendly formatting”?

ETA: See also for more detailed information.

No I mean actual formatting without using the coding we do in Scoutbook.

That’s what a WYSIWYG editor does.


Sharing an example of formatting issues. I attempted to copy the formatted text from an email into an event. It looked just fine in the editing panel, but did not save correctly. Perhaps this is still in the work for a fix, but wanted to share this as the programmers perhaps need specific example of errors that are occurring with the current release. Thanks.


The limited formatting in the calendar does not support changing fonts or colors. It only supports what is in the WYSIWIG editor. I can open this as an enhancement request but it won’t be implemented prior to the Scoutbook calendar being retired, whenever that may be.

Thanks for the reply. It probably isn’t a fair comparison, but copying the same formatted content into the Scoutbook calendar worked just fine. It appears that the Scoutbook calendar disregards the color formatting and copies the text without issues. If the IA calendar could be updated to behave similarly, that would be helpful. I did need to copy and resave the links as well.

It seems fine to not support fonts or colors, but the error handling / unsupported markup handling is a bug, it seems, no?

The simple BBCode that SB supports is translated to IA Calendar WYSIWYG editor and visa versa now. The support came with the other fixes last week.

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It is the crazy errors the OP is seeing. Isn’t that a bug?

The original post was 16 days ago. That was fixed with the push last week. If you are personally seeing an issue please report it.

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