Event Invitees Cannot see Calendar event

I have a parent who he and his son (scout) are invited to a camping weekend listed in the calendar for June. The two of them are shown on the events invitees lists, but the parent cannot see the event when he accesses the calendar. I’ve removed and readded both him and the scout, but that did not solve his issue of unable to see the event.


First guess is parent has 2 accounts without knowing it

@PaulIrving - does the parent see anything else on the calendar

I am double checking, but I suspect he only has one account, and he can see other events on the calendar. I’ve removed and re-added him to the event, and asked for him to try again. Waiting for his reply.


Post the parent’s BSA Member ID or Scoutbook UserID (no names) and tell us which one it is. We can search for a duplicate account.

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