Parent can not see events

Hello Scoutbook World,
I have a Parent that has a account, and went thru the invite emails for both of her scouts and can not see the calendar for both her scouts.
On my end her profile and connection looks like every other parent.
I have asked her to log out and refresh.
I have asked her to drop her kids and go thru the invite email again.
I even made her a den administrator.
She sees nothing. Has this happened to someone else? Please and thank you.

Calendar Page > Gear top Right > users have to turn on Calendars they want to see

Thank you for the advice, but she said this didn’t work. Any other advice?

Go to the scout’s page, click his connections > the parent’s name > update.

I also cannot find/view the calendar. I am new to this so I may be overlooking or not looking in the right place

Russell, what is your role in the unit? Parent? Adult leader?

You should be able to access the calendar by going to:

My Dashboard → Events → My Calendar

Parent for now. Would like to volunteer in the future. I just got my son registered a few days ago and want to see when we need to meet the pack

Russell, it looks like a Pack Admin needs to connect you to your Cub Scout in Scoutbook.

In order to see the calendar the application for your Scout needs to have been processed by your Council, an overnight, then your Pack Admin needs to add you in as a parent connected to your Scout. In the process of adding you, you should receive an invite to join Scoutbook. Once you login click on Administration to see the Units you are connected to.

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