Calendar events not opening for parents

My parents can view the calendar but when they click on the event it does not open. The click does nothing.
In my admin capacity my calendar opens, I click the event and can read it.
Does any know what the issue is for my parents and how I can fix it?

@KevinGladhill - are they listed as invitees specifically ?

Great catch, they were not. Event was created before they joined. I will see if that fixes the issue and report back.

There’s a relatively quick way to add invitees to multiple existing events using the Feature Assistant Extension (Feature Assistant - What is it?).

That was absolutely the issue. The events had been created prior to the parents joining scoutbook. It would seem that feature is undesirable for our usage. If your in the Pack you are invited to all Pack activities. Limited ability to see the calendar by authorized users seems like a bad idea.

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The problem is that determining whom to add to calendar activities is not really as simple as “add everyone to everything”. There have been pretty extensive discussions elsewhere on the boards about the challenges, and indications from the SUAC folks that any significant development on the calendar is not likely to occur prior to it’s migration to the IA2 platform.

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