IA Calendar & IA Event Logs (no correlation/cascading update?)

I know this was addressed in 2020 with the old calendar, but is this something the new IA calendar should be doing?
When updating an event on the calendar, it would be nice if it cascaded or was correlated to the Scout’s activity log. I know there may be one off’s where you have to go in and make manual updates for Scouts that left/showed up early/late, but think this would help for the masses.
I don’t want to have to enter/track this on the Calendar and then in the Activity/Event Logs, for our Scouts to get service hours and days camping.
Additionally, it would be nice if the “Planned Advancement” also updated those requirements for the attendees.

Attaching a pic of one service project for Feb, and one of the Scout’s activity log for this month as well, in case it is not clear what I’m referring to.
This Scout participated in two service projects this month, and is marked in attendance for both on the calendar, but nothing on their event log.

@Tom_Elkins - the scoutbook calendar never updated logs or ranks. The planned advancement was added some 9 years ago as a planning tool and that was not hot linked to advancement.


To clarify, I should have said it was brought up in 2020, not addressed as in fixed or the feature was added.

With the new IA calendar, the feature to record nights camped, miles hikes, and service hours based on a calendar entry has been addressed and added. Have you tried it yet?

This doesn’t address the advancement side of your question, but it does the other.



Thank you. I looked into it, and apparently I can’t update almost all events like the directions, since it contains multiple units (2x Troops 1x Crew).


We have asked the developers to remove this restriction but we do not know if or when it will be scheduled for development work.

Thanks for the update.

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