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The Event Type selection for PLC is not populating any attendees despite having youth leadership roles assigned in Scoutbook. Also, is there a way to add custom event types with specific sets of attendees?

I’m also noticing the “Committee Meeting” event type is bringing in the full list of parents and guardians. That does not seem correct. I would expect only leaders would be automatically brought in with that event type. Thanks.

@JasonFoos - for my units we include the parents as the BSA is supposed to be an open program.

At this time, the PLC event type does not have a preset for invitees. The SB calendar did not either - in SB, it was based on the last time the event was created, or something similar. It would however, be a nice enhancement.

The Committee Meeting issue has also been raised to the developers. It is a tough one because different units behave differently… as it also the case with some other event types.

PLC is tough as every unit defines it a little different

Thanks for the feedback. It would be very nice if we could at least get the youth leadership who are indicated in the BSA official PLC attendees list to populate and then we would adjust from there.

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What we’ve done in the past (in Scoutbook) is create the event once with the “correct” (for our unit) invitees. Then, we have used the Feature Assistant Extension to duplicate the event (which preserved the invitee list).

Going forward in IA2, I think the idea for our unit will be similar, in that we’ll use the native “duplicate event” feature (once it’s working reliably) to copy an existing event that already has the right invitee list.

I can see the idea of using the official BSA invitee list. Another approach might be to simply invite all youth with an active POR. As @DonovanMcNeil noted, unit practices vary widely.

@CharleyHamilton @Stephen_Hornak @DonovanMcNeil @GaryFeutz, does anyone have any insight on an option for making custom or additional event types? I see the reply from Charley with the suggestion to duplicate events that have the attendees list, but I’m curious if the developer team would consider adding any new types like “Merit Badge Clinic” or “Service Project.” Really, it seems to me the only reason to even have the Event Type field is to generate the attendees list, and I find myself selecting “Other” a lot of the time because our events don’t fit into the available categories.

I don’t have any particular insight to the development plans (I’m just a unit-level volunteer), but what would the user story look like for the two event types you’ve mentioned? For example, what would differentiate the attendee list for a merit badge clinic from a troop meeting? I recognize they’re aren’t the same thing, but would the invitees be the same?

I ask because I’ve found that the most effective way to make the argument for implementation of a new feature is yo show a clear, common use case that isn’t already covered by an existing feature.

I think I saw on one of the threads here that additional event types are under consideration, but not until the Scoutbook calendar is fully replaced by the IA2 calendar (presumably because they would have to retrofit the new event types into the old code).

That is a good question. The one I had wanted before is an OA type event to invite only OA members.

Yeah, I’ve argued for that use case, too. :⁠^⁠)

I think there’s merit to more event types, but we (collectively) as users need to explain the specifics of both what and why the additional event types are needed.

Let’s think through the other types that would serve a purpose beyond just giving it a name that could be put in the title. I see the type serving 2 purposes. The biggest being a “preselect” for people to attend. Thus the PLC should select PLC PLC members, committee meeting selects committee members, etc. I like OA since the system knows who is an OA member, non-OA members aren’t invited, and as a leader loading in the calendar, I have to cross reference members with those I need to invite.

The other purpose is to flag something as a type that could then be pulled out to auto create a JTE scorecard. So, for example, in a troop, you get “JTE Points” for a scout going to NYLT or OA training such as NOAC or NLS. So, “advanced training” could be valuable.

I’d argue against your 2 suggestions. Not to shoot them down to be mean, but I will at least explain for my perspective why they aren’t as useful. What I challenge you to do in response, is like Charlie suggest, suggest ones that should be added that serve a good purpose.

The service project one is moot in that now that we can easily record the service hours post event, the designation isn’t necessary.

The merit badge clinic one would have you invite all of the Scouts anyways, so no extra features could be done with it.

What others did you have in mind? Again, I would suggest any that could be data mined to complete JTE without having to do anything other than run a report.

@Matt.Johnson, Thanks for the reply. I really like to suggested use of event types to auto-generate the JTE document. I assume this would be an enhancement suggestion for the admin team. The two additional types I suggested were just event types that I would have selected in the past. I have selected Troop Meeting for most types of events and had parents ask if it was a meeting or some other type of event based on the title. It just seems odd the list an event as “Troop Meeting” and not have it be a meeting.

This is a good point. I think when we say troop meeting, we all mean a normal weekly troop meeting. It would be odd to use troop meeting for a Saturday service project. One would, though, to fleet standard invites. Good point.

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